It’s pretty clear that lil wayne and Lucia share a certain fashion sense. With the formers propensity for showing us his draws, perhaps it would behoove him to rock a onesie jimjam from time to time. I guess this all makes some sort of sense. . . one of Lucia’s favorite songs as an infant:

. . . (un)fortunately Lucia has outgrown her parents willingness to allow her to hear this kind of music.

O! Rain. We wore our helmets around the house for weeks before we were able to ride.

And when we did head out, it was still kind of dreary, and a little cold.

But, I’m just ridiculous in my hot pink spring vest! (Take that grey sky. . .)

However, when the sun finally did come out and we went for some longer bicycle rides, I’d get all tuckered out and nap under enormous water tanks.

But, then I’d wake up and be rearing to go!

A few weeks ago me and Dada rode the Providence Bridge Pedal here in Portland. I’m just catching a carb-load over here before the long ride.

Here we are going over the first bridge.

Here I am running through the middle of traffic on top of the Fremont Bridge! I was in everybody’s way!!

I never finished that bagel!

“Give me that ice cream cone!”
“What ch’yoo talkin’ ’bout, Momma!?”

Momma and Dadda took me down to San Francisco and up to Sonoma for vacation this year. I can’t say that it wasn’t deserved. It takes a lot of work to be my kind of nuisance!

Up until this last flight I always slept the whole way on the plane. What a mistake that was! Everything is so pretty from that high up. And landing? Yes–more please!!

I think this is our third family portrait. I chose this moment in time to be a cranky-pants.

This is Jamie. I love Jamie! We stayed with him, his partner Ryan, and there kitty cat Roscoe. I had a lot of fun playing with the basket of rocks in their fireplace, and bear hugging Roscoe. Ryan was a great listener! He was so empathic when I presented my case for not going to bed. Momma and Dadda were less so. Anyway, Jamie took us all over town on Saturday from the Ferry Plaza Market, through Ghirardelli Square, over the Golden Gate bridge (I was totally sleeping by then haha), then back through town to the Twin Peaks.

This is the view from Twin Peaks. Please excuse my bed-head!

All that sight-seeing really works up an appetite! We went to some fish place on Market I can’t remember the name of. I screamed my loudest scream ever while there! But, I was also still in love with Jamie. . .

After lunch I watched some trippy birdies swoop around in endless circles outside one of San Francisco’s ubiquitous marijuana dispensaries.

One of my favorite places in San Francisco was Delores Park in the Mission District. They had the best playground of all-time there. I made my Momma and Dadda take me down this slide countless times. They had to drag me away from it kicking and screaming in a prime example of this new power I’ve been wielding that they refer to as a ‘temper tantrum’. It was a minor one, just for kicks, but never-the-less. . .

Despite my Dadda’s whimsical disdain, I love shimmyin’ to the Grateful Dead! So, we stopped off for a photo-op at Jerry’s old pad down by Haight & Ashberry. I could really feel the hippy-dippy in the air as I sipped on my organic apple juice box, and marveled at my father’s deft ability at dressing me to match the house, his pronouncements of sheer coincidence notwithstanding!

There seemed to be some debate amongst the neighborhood yuppies about which house was actually Jerry’s, so we snapped a pic at this red and yellow one for good measure.

Later on we got caught up in a seemingly endless parade of debauchery known as the Bay to Breakers 12K. Clearly a run in name only, as witnessed by these incapacitated gnomes:

I would imagine that there are at least 4 unprotected gardens around town!

I spent a lot of time tooling around some rose bushes that day. It was fun to get bit dirty–made me feel a bit more like a local!!

Dadda was super-happy on the way back down Haight Street! So rare, so rare. . . We were listening to The Velvet Underground during a solar eclispse.

I guess this pics a bit of a non-sequiter, but the next day we headed up to Sebastopol to hang with our cousins for a few days. I don’t know who that girl in the middle is but the girl next to me’s my cousin Lhotse. She’s literally as insane as a six year old can get. In other words, she’s the best! We were hanging outside of the Waldorf School waiting for her sister to get out before we went out to the coast.

Momma always suspects the worst. In this case she was worried that Dadda got swept out to sea (literally.)

Then she spotted him from the cliff up above, and was relieved, but inflected with a sense of what could have been. . .

The ocean was raging with wave swells, and the high winds were whipping me all over the shore!

But that didn’t stop me from hamming it with my Momma and cousin Ella! (Throwing up gang signs is big in Sebastopol.)

If there’s one thing I am sure of as a little Noodle Time, it’s this: The Ocean: Ist Biig!

This is all of us ladies chillin’ on the beach! That one in the rear drinking a beer is Kim, whom I don’t think you’ve met yet. All she talks about is Waldorf Salad’s and California fig leaves. I don’t know what she’s on about half the time! But, that’s OK. . . Love you, Kim!

“Like sand through a Noodle’s hands. . .” lol

The next day we took it easy and drove out to the Fremont Diner just south of Sonoma. They cook up Southern fare using only local ingredients. The food was pretty good and reasonably priced for the area. I like to rub Momma and Dadda’s noses in the fact that they aren’t going to the French Laundry for a very long time! We end up at places like this instead.

For the rest of our vacation we stayed with Dadda’s Aunt and her fiancĂ© Lloyd in Santa Rosa. Dadda was a super bonehead and didn’t take a single picture while we were there. We just hung out and went to the playground and just relaxed. It was a very satisfying visit for me. They even had a big doggie named Renny! I love doggies and California!

Smells like strawberries when you tickle her belly!

We’ve worked Podnah’s Pit into our regular restaurant rotation because of their Rib Tuesday special and what a ribiculous deal it is. Our upcoming move is going to put us mere blocks from the place, and it seems inevitable that we will soon be visiting much more often. Thus, we thought that it behooves us to indoctrinate Lucia with the proper methods of rib consumption. You can imagine that our minds were blown when she immediately exhibited proper technique, lifting the rib that we presented to her with a deftness usually reserved for the fattest, most glutinous contingent of Texans. So proud, so proud. Lucia has come a long way since our first visit together, when not only did I have to hold and present the rib to her, but she was also unable to even eat any of the rib for lack of teeth. She had to content herself with a mere sniff:

Clearly the lust was there from the beginning, though!

Podnah’s has been an easy place to bring Lucia to dine out as well, for any one wondering. Albeit, we are usually there during off hours. The staff has always been super-friendly, and actually seem to understand the intricacies of sitting through a meal with an antsy, demanding little shit-bird. Additionally, there always seem to be a mid-afternoon group of hipsterish cool looking people at the bar who go on about how super-cute this Noodle is, which we love, of course!